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A.I. Powered Generative Design System

An interface for interactive design expression and requirements capture by non-designers.

Designs are automatically generated by the system, these can be voted for and ranked by clicking on them.
The system returns new potential options based on the previous input, which can be used to optimise or explore the potential design space.
This uses interactive evolutionary optimisation methodology to enable a 'mixed initiative' method of co-design with computer, where it learns from and adapts to your input.
Click the any designs that you like or suit your needs, the more clicks the more emphasis on that design, you can click as many as you like. Then click the 'sort' button to see the order and if that is good click 'update'. You will then be shown a new set of designs which is based on what was learnt from your previous input. Try this for a few rounds, ideally 10 or more to allow the algorithm to adapt to your preferences.