Sam Conrad Joyce
Lab Founder and Lead

Sam has extensive experience in practice and research, having worked as an Associate at Foster + Partners primarily as part of the Applied Research and Development Team, developing novel architecture and engineering interfaces for design whilst working on a number of high profile projects, including Apple Campus, Bloomberg HQ London, and the New Mexico City Airport. Before that working at the intersection between structural engineering and computational design at engineering firm Buro Happold.

His doctoral research which has been carried out at the University of Bath Architecture Department and the University of Bristol Systems Centre focuses on the application of novel computing to explore and optimise design space in design and engineering practice. Currently he is an Assistant Professor and Director of the Masters of Architecture programme in the Architecture and Sustainable Design Pillar at Singapore University of Technology and Design.

Nazim Ibrahim
Senior Researcher – Computational Designer

Nazim has more than five years of experience as a researcher. Previously he has worked at the Centre for Sustainable Asian Cities (CSAC) at the National University of Singapore (NUS) as a Research Associate where he contributed to several major research projects and undertook multiple projects as a freelance consultant.

His work focuses on the use of parametric tools and computational workflows in the exploration and evaluation of various design related issues. He earned his Masters in Architecture from NUS where he explored the use of parametric tools and digital fabrication technologies at various stages of design. He is a firm believer that computation design should be employed extensively to resolve the complex issues faced by design and architecture. He currently works as a Senior Researcher in the Meta Design Lab, exploring web frameworks in creating generative design environments.

Aanal Agrawal
Research Assistant – Planning and Urban Analysis

Aanal is an experienced transdisciplinary urban researcher, toolmaker, and parametric designer, with key focus on how to develop built environments that supports change and adaptation. Her work focuses on developing conceptual, methodological and operational, as well as spatial frameworks that can highlight the role of airport systems to urban development beyond the cities.

Aanal graduated with master’s in urban planning from National University of Singapore with a thesis on Aerotropolis – The Age of New Urbanism; followed by Asian Masters of Urbanism from Tongji University, China. Earlier, she has worked as an Urban Planner at CPG Corporation Pvt. Ltd and was a research assistant at National University of Singapore. She currently works as a Research Associate with Meta Design Lab, exploring the future of aviation urbanism.

Bianchi Dy
Research Assistant – Analytics and Data Vis

Bianchi’s background is originally in Environmental Engineering. She obtained her bachelor’s degree at Nanyang Technological University (Singapore) under the Singapore Cooperation Programme and first began to explore the convergence between computer science, architecture and urban planning as a research assistant at the Department of Architecture, National University of Singapore (NUS). Her previous work involved the front-end development of a Rhinoceros API and a Grasshopper plug-in for the sortal grammar Interpreter, a computational engine for architectural and urban planning shape grammars.

Currently, she works as a Research Assistant at Meta Design Lab. Her interests lie in the development of decision support and design exploration tools for architects, urban planners, and perhaps even engineers.

Ahmed Meeran
Research Assistant – Generative Design & AI

Ahmed is a Graduate Student of the M.Eng programme of Innovation by Design (SUTD). Ahmed holds a degree from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur (IIT KGP) in Architecture (Hons.) and minored in Economics (Hons.). Currently he is working with Meta Design Lab as a Graduate Researcher exploring the future of aviation design in the digital economy.

His interests lie in sustainability and policy planning for the design of new age urban settlements. With a diverse and a multi-disciplinary skillset, Ahmed aims to solve some of the key challenges in the confluence of these important domains. Ahmed supports this with skills in design computation, product engineering, analytics, statistics, and data visualisation. Ahmed is also a keen geography enthusiast.

Ang Yi Zhe
Research Assistant – Ml and Data Science

Yi Zhe is a Data Science graduate from the National University of Singapore (NUS). He has a background in machine learning research, having dabbled in a diverse range of topics such as computer vision, multimodal data, generative modelling and adversarial machine learning.

Nowadays, he’s broadly interested in designing and developing interactive interfaces and data visualizations, and exploring their intersection with machine learning. He also enjoys writing interactive articles to simply communicate complex ideas visually. You can check him out at:

Post Graduate Students

Yvonne Wong
Researcher – PhD Candidate

After obtaining her MSc in Advanced Structural Engineering at Imperial College London in 2015, Yvonne returned to Singapore to practice as an engineer for 3 years. Her practical experience and involvement in a wide range of projects in Singapore led to her understanding and interest in the design workflow and process of the construction industry. She hopes that her PhD work can streamline and improve this design process, bringing value to the built environment she is passionate about.

Verina Cristie
Researcher – PhD Graduate

Verina’s background is computer science with specialisation in computer graphics, visualisation, and game development. She received her Master’s Degree in Digital Media Technology from the School of Computer Engineering in Nanyang Technological University, Singapore in 2014 under ASEAN graduate scholarship program.

Pursuing her passion in design, architecture, and urbanism, she did internship on lighting control system user interface in Berkeley Education Alliance Research Singapore and research assistantship in SEC’s Future Cities Laboratory on utilising gaming technology for urban exploration. Currently she is working towards a PhD with the Meta Design Lab seeking to understand the intersection between computational design and human initiatives in the web infrastructures. For more information about Verina’s work, visit


Dr Ate Poorthuis
Collaborating Researcher

Ate Poorthuis holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Kentucky, where he developed methods to collect and analyze big data in a social science context. He is interested in the possibilities and limitations of the analysis and visualization of such data to better understand how our cities work. He teaches courses in map making, data visualization, spatial analysis and urban geography.
His recent work focuses on the use of big data and social media platforms as a method to critically understand how urban spaces ‘work’. How do people use and perceive their neighborhoods and the city-at-large, as well as how and where do they shop, eat and buy services? He is also actively working on the application insights in urban planning and policy and has consulted for a number of entities around (spatial) data analysis and visualization, ranging from the World Health Organization to the Dutch national government. Ate is a member of the Floating Sheep research collaborative.

Dr Alexander Binder
Collaborating Researcher

Alex's background is in mathematics and informatics, and he is an Assistant Professor in the ISTD (Information Systems Technology and Design) pillar at SUTD.

Having researched and published extensively in the areas of machine learning and image recognition, he is bringing his interests and knowledge to bear also on our design space exploration pilot project. For more information about Alex, visit

Grace Guo
Collaborating Researcher

Grace has a background in front-end development and UI/UX design. She graduated in 2018 from Carnegie Mellon University with a B.S in Cognitive Science and Human-Computer Interaction.

Her main area of interest is in human-centered design, particularly in how everyday technologies can be leveraged to encourage learning and exploration of new concepts and ideas. She is currently developing a Vue library for creating composite data-visualisations by adapting the grammar of graphics. She hopes that such tools combined with a focus on technical literacy can turn digital spaces into educational and informative platforms. Grace’s past work can be accessed at


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